Conveyancing .. the legal process for buying, selling, and remortgaging properties

Speeding up the conveyancing process

It is always essential to find yourself an efficient and speedy conveyancer when selling a property, but you can help to keep the process moving too. Here is one way you may be able to help speed things up.

The property information form has become much longer over time, and there is now an additional form for landlords to complete for leasehold properties. This is often referred to as the Leasehold Information Pack. 

Or, if you are selling a freehold property on an estate that is managed by a management company, a Freehold Management Enquiries form (FME1) must be completed by the managing agents.

Please get either of these forms completed where necessary, and return them to the buyer and their conveyancer without delay. Its pretty likely that the buyer's conveyancer will want to raise enquiries about the property or environmental issues (or both), and the faster the conveyancer has all the forms, the quicker any enquiries can get underway.

As per the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme, additional enquiries should only be raised in the following circumstances:

  • clarifying any issues arising from documents that have been provided
  • issues relating to the title
  • issues relating to the use, nature, or location of the property
  • any issues specifically highlighted by the buyer

Copies of planning permissions may be requested. Installation certificates given by electricians, gas engineers, or window fitters could also be asked for. If any damp work has been carried out, the very long-term guarantee certificate that normally goes with work of this nature will likely be requested along with any other relevant guarantees. If solar panels have been fitted, the paperwork/guarantees for these should be available too.

Sellers should expect to have to provide all appropriate documentation, and have it ready. Any delay in doing so will slow down the transaction.

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