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What are Building Regulations?         

Building Regulations are a national standard for most types of buildings in England and Wales; they cover building projects in the home or commercial developments. They are set out to make sure that when something is built, it will be up to a standard that will be a safe environment for people to live and interact with. Building regulations are adjusted as time goes on to make sure they are current with the changing times - for instance, making sure the building matches current energy conservation requirements for fuel and power. Also for public buildings, they must meet requirements for providing access and facilities for disabled people .

For anyone that is planning to start a project to build a structure on their home, if you visit LABC’S home and build website, you will find a lot of helpful information to guide you what the rules are, and what you need to do.

Buildings regulations are separate to planning permission, Planning permission is something the local authority needs to give before a building is started, and is approved from plans drawn up by an architect. Buildings regulations approval sets a safety standard that the build needs to meet, but you must check before starting the project if planning permission is needed from your local authority. It would be very costly if you finish a build without planning permission as you could then be forced to take the building down.


This stands for Local Authority Building Control, they represent all local authorities in England and Wales.

Go to this link if you are thinking of starting a new project

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